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What is Inside
Our calendar contains all the things you'd expect in a professional planner - including all major holiday dates from over 200 countries, area codes, time zones, metric conversions, color maps, time zone charts, airline distances, world temperature charts - you name it.
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Customized Calendars
Thinking of producing a company calendar? Ours can be printed with your logo, company profile, mission statement and contact details. Whatever you think is important to keep in front of your clients 365 days a year!
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environmentally friendly
For 12 years, our products have been printed on recycled/reusable materials. We actively try to reduce our environmental footprint.

Diversity in business.
In business, your commitment to diversity is important among employees, clients, and partners. For 20+ years, our products have reinforce diversity both in the USA and globally by including world holidays and observances for many world cultures and religions.
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Religions in business.
Holy days are important to most people's lives. Knowing these dates shows your respect for different religions and world cultures.
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Our Clients
Find out why our customers just keep buying our products, year after year. Why settle for only USA holidays?
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