Canada, USA, UK Area Codes

Area Codes In US

Many areas of the world assign a three-digit prefix for every telephone number within a specific geographical area. For example, each American state has a different area code. You need to find the area codes in US in order to dial a telephone number within a specific region.

US Area Codes

If you are looking for specific US area codes, you can find this information easily on the internet. Just enter the words "US Area Codes" in one of the many available search engines and you will receive a list of all the websites containing this information.

US Phone Area Codes

US phone area codes can also be found in reference materials such as atlases, encyclopedias or maps. Many companies publish documents with this information. For example, a list of US phone area codes can be found near the back of the International Planners published by A Global World.

US Area Code List

Many websites and reference books will contain a comprehensive US area code list. These lists display each state within the US as well as the particular area code used by the region. You need to make sure you dial the correct area code in order to call a number within a specific state.

US Area Code Listing

If you don't have access to the internet and can't visit a local library, you can obtain a US area code listing from your telephone operator. Just dial "0" or call directory assistance, and they will advise you exactly which area code to use for a specific state.

US Area Code By State

Each different state within the US has its own area code. You will require this information in order to successfully place a call to a particular state. Look for a list that sorts each US area code by State.

US Area Codes Map

You can also consult a US area codes map to determine the appropriate three-digit number. This document will show you a visual map of every US state. Once you find a map, you can click on a particular state to find out all the area codes for that area.

US City Area Codes

In addition to specific area codes within each state, US city area codes are also used. These codes specify which numbers precede calls made to a particular American city. Canada Area Codes Each area of Canada also has its own three-digit number. If you are looking for Canada area codes, you should search the internet, phone the operator or visit your local library. Canada Area Code Map You can search for a particular code by using a Canada area code map. This document will offer a visual representation of each province and territory within Canada, along with its appropriate area code. Ontario Area Codes You may want to find the number used by a particular province such as all of the Ontario area codes. You can obtain area code listings or maps by consulting the internet, local library or telephone operator.

UK Area Codes

Other parts of the world also use specific area codes for their telephone numbers. For example, UK area codes vary according to the particular area you are calling.

Area Codes In UK

Listings of area codes in UK may be sorted by city or region or displayed on a visual map showing you each area.

UK Area Dialing Codes

You can obtain UK area dialing codes by phoning your operator, visiting your library or searching on the internet.

London UK Area Codes

If you want to find the number for a specific city within the UK, you need to find a listing sorted by city. For example, entering the words "London UK area codes" into an internet search engine will give you a list of all the numbers used to call London.