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Which is Which? Is it “Calender” or “Calendar”

CalenderYou might be looking for an article that has a word  ”calendar“ but unconsciously typed in “calender“.  It is a common mistake that many people make. Calendar or calender – which spelling is correct? At Google, 653 million websites compete for people who are type “calendar” into the search box. For the word “calender” there are only 14 million websites who compete for this spelling.

In contrast, a calender is part of the finishing process or device on making clothes or paper to give the material an even or glossy look. Most people, unaware of the correct spelling, inadvertently spell calendar as calender which owed apparently to how most people pronounce calendar.

Technically speaking, people are nonetheless correct when they use calender to refer to calendar since the former is the Middle English spelling of the latter. Still, the word is also derived from the Old French calendier. The current spelling is, more or less, like that of the Latin calendadrium.

Even so, the word calendar refers to the system of determining the length of time for a year and its months, although it may refer to other terms not directly associated with the two above terms. It may pertain to a news program in England, a popular TV series aired in the US between 1961 and 1963, the film by Atom Egoyan in 1993, etc.

If you’re an individual looking to have a personal calendar for the coming year or a business owner who’s considering calendar as a giveaway items for your employees and loyal clients, check out for customized calendar at Google to read more about the various calendar options currently offer. Now that you’ve read the origin of calendar, you should now do away with spelling it as “calender”.

Google and other popular search engines on the Internet are very useful especially when you check on information about calendar, calendar board, or personalized calendar. All you need to do is to type either of the following word/s “calendar board”, “calendar”, or “personalized calendar” and sort among the top websites which contains the information you’re looking for.

You may also search for the keyword “international holidays” at Yahoo or Google and check on some websites providing a free blank calendar that you can use personally, at work, or in a school or public event at which you are a part.

Our company provides free blank calendar. Since they are free of charge, you can use store them for future use and can share them to your friends, family members, or colleagues at work. You may follow the link above or visit the Get an Exclusive Free Blank Calendar article by clicking the link on the right side of main blog for you to download the free calendar.

Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge as to why some people type in “calender” instead of “calendar” whenever they research online, you can now share this information. The rigidity of word usage only exist in legal and public manuscripts; but come to think of it, both of these verbs may be interchanged and can mean one thing depending on the context of the discussion you engage yourself into. But it won’t harm to use the correct one anyway.

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