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Christian Holidays Calendar 2011

The Christian calendar originated in Rome and consists of years with 365 or 366 days. 2 main versions include the Julian and Gregorian calendars. They determine the length of a tropical year and calculate Easter differently. The Julian calendar, consisting of 365 ? days per year, was created by Julius Caesar in 45 B.C. Every 4 years, 1 extra day is added resulting in a "leap year". Most countries currently use the Gregorian calendar which was adopted by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.

Christian Festivals

The most important Christian religious festivals are Easter, Lent and Christmas. Many different events lead up to the main celebrations. For example, Christians prepare for Easter by celebrating Lent. The Tuesday before is called Shrove, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday because it traditionally includes rich foods such as pancakes. The official start of Lent is Ash Wednesday when worshippers are often marked with ashes to symbolize mourning and repentance. Lent lasts 40 days and includes giving up a food item you enjoy, performing charitable acts and frequent worshipping. Holy Week is celebrated the week before Easter and is based on events in Jesus' life. Palm Sunday starts the week off with palm branch parades. Good Friday is a day of mourning when Christians are meant to repent and reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus. All of these events lead up to Easter Sunday. Christmas Eve on December 24 and Christmas Day on ecember 25 are also very important events. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus by exchanging gifts and enjoying a meal with loved ones.

Christian Holidays

Christian holidays are an important part of religious practice. They include feast days which are exciting events meant to celebrate important historical events such as Christ's birth and resurrection. Fast days are equally important, but much more somber. They provide Christians an opportunity to practice self-reflection, repentance and self-discipline. Many Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter have significantly impacted western traditions and culture.

US Holidays

Americans are very patriotic and the US celebrates many unique holidays. These events often celebrate famous Americans such as Martin Luther King Day, President's Day which honours Washington and Lincoln and Columbus Day. However, the most important US holiday is July 4 or Independence Day. This event is celebrated with huge displays of fireworks, big parades, family picnics and a many festive activities.

Christian Holiday Calendar

The Christian holiday calendar starts with New Year's Day on January 1, followed by Three King's Day or Epiphany which is celebrated 12 days after Christmas. Lent is another very important holiday which takes place over 40 days and prepares Christians for Easter. Lent includes religious days such as Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday which all lead up to the most important day of all - Easter Sunday. Advent is a four-week period that prepares Christians for the arrival of Jesus Christ. The last day of advent occurs on December 24. December 25 is a very important holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus with family and friends.

Christian 2011 Calendar

The Christian 2011 calendar includes the following important religious dates:
  • Epiphany - Jan 6
  • Shrove or Fat Tuesday - Mar 8
  • Ash Wednesday - Mar 9
  • Lent begins - Mar 13
  • Palm Sunday - Apr 17
  • Holy Week - Apr 18-25
  • Easter Sunday - Apr 24
  • Christmas - Dec 25

Christian New Year

The Christian New Year occurs on January 1st. People often celebrate until very late on New Year's Eve and Auld Lang Syne is traditionally sung at the stroke of midnight. New Year's Day often consists of a delicious meal shared with loved ones. People make New Year resolutions or promises for the upcoming year such as losing weight or quitting smoking. Most festivities include firecrackers or loud party favors; these items symbolically scare off evil spirits and encourage good fortune for the year ahead.

Christian 2012 Holidays

Here are dates for some common Christian 2012 holidays:
  • Epiphany - Jan 6
  • Shrove or Fat Tuesday - Feb 21
  • Ash Wednesday - Feb 22
  • Lent begins - Feb 26
  • Palm Sunday - Apr 1
  • Holy Week - Apr 2-8
  • Easter Sunday - Apr 8
  • Christmas - Dec 25