Metric and US conversion charts and tables

Metric/U.S. Standard Conversion Tables

Metric Conversion

Metric is a standard decimal-based system of weights and measures based on the meter as a standard of measurement. The system is approximately 200 years old, contains 7 basic measures and was created to meet the requirements of science and trade. However, two older systems still exist: the Imperial and the USA systems of measurement. Both of these systems are based on the older English units of measurement. These older systems contain more than 300 different measures so efforts have been made to adopt one system worldwide. Metric conversion is the process of converting the older systems of measurement to the more recent metric system which is less complicated.

Metric System Conversion

The metric system is currently the international standard for measurement and most countries since the mid-20th century have been slowing replacing the imperial system with the newer metric standard. Currently, the only 3 countries that have retained a non-metric system are the USA, Liberia and Burma. The modern metric system is called the International System of Units and was established in 1960. Metric system conversion involves converting the older units of measurement into the newer metric units.

Metric Conversion Chart

A metric conversion chart will show you the newer metric equivalent of different types of measurements. There are thousands of units and measurements to convert, but most of the charts will allow you to convert the more common ones such as temperature, length, distance, area, volume, mass and weight. After you enter a specific measurement into one section of the table, the equivalent of that measurement will be displayed in metric form.

Conversion Table

A conversion table will allow you to enter a specific measurement from the older Imperial or USA system of measurement and convert it to the more recent metric standard or vice-versa. You can easily convert almost any form of unit or measurement. Conversion tables can be found online or in various documents. For example, the International Planner produced by A Global World contains a conversion table near the back of the document.

If you want to convert an older standard of measurement from the Imperial or USA system, you should consult a metric conversion table. These tables will help you to easily determine the converted number. The results will often be shown as standard or US units to SI or Metric units.

US Metric Conversion

The US is one of the few remaining countries in the world that continues to use the US system of measurements instead of the worldwide standard metric system. Therefore, a US metric conversion chart will convert a measurement from the current American system of measurements to the more recent metric system.

If you wish to convert a metric measurement such as a centimeter, meter, kilometer, kilogram or liter, you will need to find conversion metric to US chart. The chart will show you the equivalent US system measurements such as an inch, foot, mile, pound or gallon.

Standard Metric Conversion Chart

A standard metric conversion chart is very useful when you need help converting measurements from metric to the US or Imperial systems or vice-versa. The standards of measurement for the metric system involve multiplying by 10 or dividing by 10 to obtain larger or smaller units. A chart will perform these mathematical calculations for you and produce an accurate result in seconds.

Online Metric Conversion

You can obtain online metric conversion tables by conducting internet searches on search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista or Google. Just enter the words "online metric conversion" and you will receive a long list of websites containing this information. The sites will contain charts which allow you to quickly and easily convert measurements to or from metric by typing in the measurement unit you wish to convert.

If you want to perform metric to inch conversion, you should consult a metric conversion chart which will show you both measurements. You can enter a number in the metric column of the chart and you will receive the equivalent measurement in inches almost instantly.

A metric system conversion chart is necessary to convert the newer system to measurements in the older US and Imperial measurement systems. Charts can be found in many reference materials as well as online.

In 1916, a non-profit organization called the US Metric Association or USMA was created to promote converting the current US system of measurements to the modern metric system. However, until the US has agreed to convert their current system, you can use a metric system conversion table to convert measurements between the two systems.

US Metric Conversion Table

A US metric conversion table is often necessary when you are cooking or baking. Many of the ingredients listed in recipes or cookbooks are listed in the older US or Imperial systems of measurements. However, boxes and cans containing food products often contain metric measurements. Therefore, you need to use a conversion table to determine the correct metric equivalent of the ingredient such as teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints and ounces. You may even need to convert the size of your baking dish or pan to metric!

Metric To Standard Conversion Table

You can locate a metric to standard conversion table online by conducting an internet search. However, many companies also produce a printed conversion table that you can keep by your desk as a handy reference. You can even purchase a special laminated conversion table that is meant to be hung on the inside of your kitchen cupboards to help you convert measurements when cooking or baking.

Metric Unit Conversion Table

A metric unit conversion table is very helpful when you need to convert an older US or Imperial system measurement to the newer, standard metric system. The process of converting units to the metric system is called metricating or metrification.

The older Imperial and US systems of measurement are based on the historical English units and earlier systems developed in England by combining the Roman and Anglo-Saxon systems. Therefore, the two systems may be referred to as the English system or British Imperial System. You can use an English metric conversion table to convert between the 2 older systems and the more recent metric system.

English Metric Conversion Chart

You can find an English metric conversion chart online on many different websites. However, these documents are also available in many books, maps, or international documents such as the International Planner produced by A Global World.

An older style or printed metric system conversion chart will tell you the exact number by which you need to manually multiply or divide the metric system measurement to convert to or from the older US or Imperial systems. The advantage to an online metric system conversion chart is the fact that it will automatically perform the conversion for you. You just enter in a number and the computer will show you the equivalent conversion in a matter of seconds.

Metric Liter Conversion Table

If you want to convert a metric measurement such as a liter to a non-metric measurement such as a gallon, quart, cup, ounce or pint, you need to use a metric liter conversion table. Standard tables will tell you how to multiply or divide the metric or standard measurement or they will show you a detailed list of the various conversion rates. Online conversion tables will automatically convert the number of liters to a non-metric unit or vice-versa.

You can also use conversion tables for converting measurements such as centimeters, inches, feet or yards. You will often need to know the equivalent measurement for a metric inch. This is where a conversion table metric inch will help. You can look up the information on a printed chart or enter the number of inches in an online table and receive the equivalent non-metric unit.