International Holiday Planner for world travelers
2014 International Date Planner.

2014 International Day Planner

International Planner is the only complete international reference source with 50 pages of travel information. It features a 14 month-at-a-glance calendar plus travel reference material. Conveniently sized for your briefcase and handy for desk use.

Why settle for only USA holidays when you can have the rest?

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  • A 14 month-at-a-glance calendar

  • Holidays for every country worldwide

  • All major religions observances

  • Alphabetical listing of all countries + holidays

  • Plenty of room for writing

  • 2009 advanced monthly planner

  • Metric and U.S. standard tables

  • Weights and measures

  • Handy measurement conversion tables

  • Farenheit and Centigrade conversion tables

  • Helpful toll-free numbers

  • World air distances between major cities

  • USA,Canada, and UK area codes

  • Full-color USA area code map

  • Full-color world map with time zones regions

  • International weather table

  • Country codes for all countries of the world

  • Telephone numbers frequently dialed


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