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Sri Lanka Nikini Full Moon Poya

Nikini Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka is a public holiday.

Sri Lanka Nikini Full Moon Poya Date: August 24

Sri Lanka celebrates Nikini Full Moon Poya as a public holiday.

Sri Lanka Nikini Full Moon Poya History

The rainy season starts in the Indian sub continent in the Esala month (between July and August). It is during this time that the bhikkus (Buddhist monks) sojourn from meditation since they cannot meditate under trees and forests and it is very cold in the mountains i.e. the Himalayas at that period. Most of the monks sojourn in the Esala full moon poya but those monks who do not do so can sojourn from their meditation in the full moon poya. The period of sojourn is known as the “Vas’ period and the sojourn commencement during the Nikini Poya is known as the “Pasu Vas” period.
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Argentina remembers the Death of San Martin

Death of San Martin in Argentina is a public holiday.

Argentina Death of San Martin Date: August 16

Death of San Martin is a public holiday in Argentina.

Argentina is country of South America constituting of 23 provinces and the second largest country in Argentina. It is also considered to be eight largest countries in the world and one of the largest Spanish speaking nations. The history behind the domination of Spanish language in this country is that it was invaded by the Spanish rulers during the early 17th century and many of their descendents still live here. Argentina got their independence on 9th July, 1816. It is a major contribution come from the freedom fighter San Martin. The people here still remember him for his bravery.

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Assumption Day Observed Around the World

Assumption Day is a Christian religious observance.

Assumption Day: August 15

Assumption Day is a Christian religious observance in many countries worldwide.

It is assumed that on the Assumption Day, the Virgin Mary raised into Heaven after her death. This is a famous Christian belief. This day is also called as the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. It is celebrated in many countries irrespective of nations on August 15 or around that day. Mostly in Europe and South America, this is celebrated in a grand manner. Some countries celebrate this day at other times of the year. This day is also known as the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God, or the Feast of Assumption or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Equatorial Guinea Constitution Day

Constitution Day in Equatorial Guinea is a public holiday.

Constitution Day Date: August 15

Equatorial Guinea celebrates Constitution Day as a public holiday.

Equatorial Guinea located on the western coast of Africa celebrates its constitution day on 15th august every year. This independent republic nation adopted the constitution on 15th august 1982. Since then 15th august is a public holiday for the nation to respect the constitution of the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Congo Republic Independence Day

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Republic of the Congo.

Independence Day Date: August 15

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Republic of the Congo.

Over the years, many nations have been invaded and governed by foreign administration. Under the rule of foreign government, the natives were barred from exercising freedom in any form. Independence Day for a nation signifies a day when the nation retrieved their rights from the foreign rulers and gained back their esteem of statehood. Similarly, the Republic of the Congo gained back its independence on the August 15, 1960 from France.

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