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Afghanistan celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on August 19.

Afghanistan Independence Day Date: August 19

Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan today.

Afghanistan’s Independence Day was declared on August 19, 1919. Afghanistan is a country surrounded by land on all sides and no sea shores. Geographically, it is located in Central Asia or Middle East. Iran borders in the south and west and Pakistan is located to the south and east. Afghanistan was considered to be an independent country on August 19, 1919. Since then, the citizens of the nation celebrate it as Independence Day. It should be remembered that inspite of the invasions of the English colonials in this region, they never got control over the administration.

History of Afghanistan Independence Day

The British invaders entered the Middle East around 300 years ago. They disguised themselves as traders and businessmen and gradually spread their field of conspiracy. They targeted the greedy native people to break the nation’s unity and gradually became the supreme power. They were successful to explode every country of the East, but Afghanistan was always an exception. In fact, the British army was badly trounced three times when they tried to forcefully enter the nation. The first encounter was in 1839 when the British troops were just pushed back by the Afghan forces from the city of Jalalabad. Being surrounded by land was a major advantage, as the intruders could easily get in by water bay.

The final war in 1919 led to the end of the British attempt to enter Afghanistan and treaty of granted independence was signed between the two nations. Since then, the country is independent and free from any sort of invasions. Though there have been many political issues regarding Afghanistan, but practically it is true that they were the only prominent country in the Central Asia, who could defend the English army.

Afghanistan Independence Day Traditions and Activities

The country holds this day in great prestige, as it was not only the day they got independence, but they were also able to keep away the English army from making further invasions. May be Afghanistan did not develop so much as a modern advanced country because of some political and religious problems, but still they have been always united to keep foreign invaders away. The main economy of the country is controlled by the production of dry fruits, which are exported throughout the world. August 19 is a national holiday for the country.

On this day, every citizen recalls the memory of the terrific struggle of their ancestors to fight back the intruders. Different types of cultural events are organized on this day. As the country is dominated by the Muslim religion, the local residents assemble in different mosques in large mass to recall their past days and pray for their future well being. Small carnivals and get together are arranged where every citizen enjoys the mood the day. Sports events and other local events are organized to spread a feeling of cheer and grace among the people of the nations.

This day is specially remembered for the real fighters, who marked an end to their lives to save the nation from the foreign incursions. The country pays tribute to them devoting this day in their memory.

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