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April Fools Day

April Fools Day.

April Fools Day: April 01

April fools day is celebrated worldwide but it is NOT a national holiday anywhere.
April fools day is also known as all fools day in many places. Though it is not a holiday it is universally celebrated on the first of April. This day is the day which marks practical jokes and commission of hoaxes on family members, friends, enemies or even neighbors by sending across a fools errand to mainly embarrass the gullible people. According to the tradition in many a country these jokes only go up to noon. These are in countries like New Zealand, UK, Canada, Austria and also South Africa. People who play these tricks after noon in the above mentioned countries are called April fool. In other countries like America, France and Ireland these jokes go on all day long.

April Fools Day History

The actual origin of this April fools day is very obscure. One of the most likely theories is that this April fools day was initially celebrated just after the taking of the Gregorian calendar. This term was used on those people who were still going on with the Julian calendar.

In many of the pre Christian cultures, the first of may which is to be the may day was celebrated to be the beginning of summer and hence it was to show that it was the beginning of the new spring planting season. People who did this prematurely were referred to as Aprils fool. There is yet another one of these possible origins. This is when the king of France changed the date with which the year begins from the first of April to the first of January. However some of his people still followed the older calendar.

Around the eighteenth century this festival was posited to go back in time to the time of the Noah. According to a few people this day was the day when Noah had sent off his dove a little earlier than the water had receded. This was done on the first day of the month of Hebrew which happens to be the month of April. Another very possible reference to this April fools day is seen in the Canterbury tales, a tale of two fools in the nuns priests tale which took place on the thirty second of march.

April Fools Day Traditions and Activities

Most of the countries in the world do celebrate this April Fools day to have fun. In Babylonian and the Assyrian empires many a times the king is slapped by high priests to keep him reminded of how big a fool he is when compared to the gods. In Iran people play pranks on each other on the 13th day in the Persian New Year. This happens to be the first of April.

This very day is being celebrated from a very long time since 536BC. It has been proved to be one of the oldest prank day traditions that are alive in the world today. This has made many people believe that this is the tradition from which April fools day has its origin from.

In the French speaking countries, April Fools Day is celebrated by attempting to put a fish made of paper on another persons back without getting caught. This is also slowly spreading to other places like Italy.

In Belgium, there is a Flemish tradition where the children do lock out the teachers or their parents and only allowing them to get in if they are sure to bring treats the same day or even the next day. In Poland April first is celebrated with full of fun. The day is filled with jokes and different hoaxes are made by the media as well as the people. Generally serious activities are not taken in.

In Scotland, April Fools Day is referred to as hunt the gowk day. This name however is not being used much nowadays. The prank that they played on this day was to ask a person to give a message that was sealed which asked for help. Scotland has two days set apart for April fools day which happen to be the first as well as the second of the same month.

In the country of Denmark, April fools day is called aprilsnar. In Spain as well as in ibero America April fools day is celebrated with the same joy. Once a prank is played on a person then the joker usually shouts out loud saying you innocent dove have let yourself be fooled. This is a very popular expression in their terms.

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