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The Armenians Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Armenia

Mothers’ Day in Armenia: April 7

Mothers’ Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Armenia

Mothers’ Day is celebrated all over the world as a mark of respect to all the mothers, recognizing their efforts and significance to each and every family. The Armenians commemorate Mothers’ Day every 7th of April. This is also a Beauty Day dedicated to all women in the country.

History of Mothers’ Day

The modern celebration of Mothers’ Day was started by Anna Jarvis, an American from the town of Grafton in West Virginia who was born on May 1, 1864. She was the 9th child of the couple, Anna Marie and Granville Jarvis.

She spent her childhood in Grafton and attended college at the Augusta Female Academy which is now called Mary Baldwin College. Right after she finished her studies, she pursued her career as a teacher and worked for almost seven years.

The Mothers’ Day inspiration of Anna came from her mother who frequently told Anna about her yearning for a memorial day that will serve as a tribute day to all mothers for their unconditional and matchless service to their families and to the country.

Soon after the death of Anna’s father, she, her sister and their mother moved to their brother who was then living in Philadelphia. From then, Anna continued her life and career. When her mother died on May 9, 1905, she pursued the campaign of establishing a commemoration day to all mothers to fulfill her mother’s long time aspiration.

Before the Civil War, exactly at the first anniversary of her mother’s death, Anna, together with her colleagues established Mothers Day Work Club whose aim was to recognize and award the accomplishments of mothers. Anna took this event seriously and sent several propositions to different offices of the government to pass a national day celebration for mothers. Because of Anna’s remarkable wit and influence, her advocacy gained a lot of supporters and followers which led to the official acknowledgement of the national Memorial Day for mothers.

On the third death anniversary of her mother, a program dedicated for all mothers was organized and funded by Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton and some organizations in Philadelphia.

The newly recognized Memorial Day received a lot of positive reactions and the celebration went over and adopted by the different States and neighboring countries. In fact during the 1909, 45 States of the USA, including Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico acknowledged it as well and started a yearly formal celebration during this special time.

The official proclamation declaring Mothers’ Day as a public holiday was held at West Virginia on April 26, 1910. And when Jarvis passed away, the celebration was recognized worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Many countries celebrate Mothers’ Day in many different dates but mostly during the second Sunday of May. In Armenia, they commemorate Mothers’ Day every 7th day of April along with the Beauty Day for all women.

Armenian Mothers’ Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Women are the stars of this day as they are pampered with flowers, presents, and sweets like chocolates and are given tributes and programs, too. Also, the president of Armenia and other high offices in the country hold several speeches and messages to pass on good wishes to women all over the country.

The holiday is also a time for families to visit the churches and attend fellowship services.

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