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Australia Day

Australia Day.

Australia Day: January 26

Australia Day is of course celebrated by Australia.

Australia day is also known as the foundation day or the anniversary day. It is the official national day of the Australian country. It is celebrated every year on the twenty sixth of January. This day commemorates the coming of the first fleet at the Sydney cove in the year 1788 when the unfurling of the British flag takes place here and also the there is a proclamation of the British sovereignty over a eastern seaboard of the country of Australia. In every territory and the state of Australia the Australian day is celebrated as an official holiday for the public. It is also marked by an order of the country of Australia and the Australian of the years’ awards with the address from prime minister.

Australia Day History

Records of this celebration of the Australia day go back to the year 1808 along with the governor once the official celebration of this formation of the New South Wales in the year 1818. This day is seen as a controversial day by many historians. Alongside the proposals to change this Australian day date they have also been some significant protests that are seen from the indigenous Australian community.

Many of these indigenous Australians do see this Australia day as a day that is celebrated for what has been destroyed of the indigenous culture by the colonialism by the British. Since the year 1988 the invasion day protests are being held in supporting the view. Due to all this there have been concerns and also some proposals to have the date changed of this Australian day to another day.

On the thirteenth of May in the year 1787 a fleet of about eleven ships came and they were known to be the first fleet. These were sent by the British admiralty to Australia from England. Under Captain Arthur Phillip a fleet was sought to establish this penal colony at the Botany Bay on the New South Wales coast. This was already explored by Captain James cook much earlier in the year 1770. This settlement was quite necessary as there was a loss of the colonies in the northern part of America.

This fleet then arrived between the eighteenth and the twentieth of January in the year 1788. This was not suitable and hence he moved forward and went on to Port Jackson. This was the finest harbor according to him in the whole world. The site that was first decided was a place that had some level land and also a stream with portable water. The British flag was then raised there. There were officers and a few marines who attended this ceremony. By the afternoon of the twenty sixth the remaining fleets had come off from Botany Bay and were then anchored near the Sydney cove.

In Brisbane this day is celebrated to be the foundation day or the first landing as the colony had been surviving for twenty years in spite of the hardships that they faced initially and also the starvation and the deprivation that had been suffered by those who were the settlers of the first fleet. The celebrations begin here on the twenty fifth of January each year as the sun goes down and then goes on into the night.

The chief toast here goes to the major George Johnston. He was the first officer who came on to the shore from the first fleet. Even through his ill effects back home he made sure that he led the officers of New South Wales corps and arrested the governor William Bligh the following day. This was now called the rum rebellion.

On the twenty sixth of January in the year 1818 which was the thirtieth anniversary, the governor Lachlan Macquarie held a thirty gun salute at the Dawes point and then gave a holiday to the workers of the government. This tradition was soon followed by other public offices as well as the banks. In the year 1888 all the colonial capitals except Adelaide were celebrating the anniversary day.

South Australia adopted Australia day in the year 1910. This was soon followed upon by Victoria in the year 1931. All the states in Australia are now celebrating this day since the year 1935.

Australia Day Traditions and Activities

As the hundred and fiftieth anniversary this day was celebrated for a whole long week through out Australia other than New South Wales. The anniversary was held on the twenty sixth of January which is the actual anniversary day of the Australia day.

Australia Day is also known as:

  • Foundation Day
  • Anniversary Day
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