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Uruguay celebrates Battle of Las Piedras Day

Battle of Las Piedras is a public holiday in Uruguay.

Battle of Las Piedras Day Date: May 18

The Battle of Las Piedras is celebrated in Uruguay as a public holiday.

The Battle of Las Piedras day May 18th in Uruguay remembers the history of Uruguayan leader Jose Artigas leading patriot forces to victory against Spain. History states The Battle of Las Piedras was a significant step towards Independence for Uruguay. A national holiday day now celebrates this battle and the history surrounding the victory.

Battle of Las Piedras History

History states in 1810 the May revolution occurred and forced the Spanish to abandon Buenos Aires but they managed to hang on to Uruguay then known in history as Banda Oriental and Spain moved their Headquarters of Viceroyalty of the River Plate to Montevideo. At the beginning of 1811 the revolutionary Jose Artigas returned to his country with approximately 180 men provided by the government of Buenas Aires ready for battle. On April 11th he issued the Mercedes Proclamation assuming control of the revolution and head of battle.

The Governor of Montevideo appointed Jose Posadas as the head of the forces loyal to Spain. Posadas installed his HQ at San Isidro Labrador de las Piedras near Montevideo to provoke a decisive battle against the revolutionaries. Meanwhile Jose Artigas was camped at Nuestra Senora de Guadaloupe with an Army of 1000 men. Posadas counted about 1230 of which 200 defected during battle. The battle was a total victory for the revolutionaries.

Battle of Las Piedras Traditions and Activities

The famous line Clemencia para los Vencidos, meaning Mercy on the Vanquished was pronounced by Artigas referring to the Spanish and prisoners, which included his own nephew. Historians believe this battle was crucial for the survival of the revolution in Uraguay and Argentina.

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