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Botswana Presidents Day

Presidents Day in Botswana is a public holiday.

Botswana Presidents Day Date: July 20-21

Presidents Day is a public holiday in Botswana.

Botswana is a country in Southern Africa. President’s Day in Botswana, prior to 2006, was a two-day national holiday.

Botswana Presidents Day History

The Public Holidays Amendment of 2006 reduced the President’s Day holiday to a one-day holiday. However, in practice, everyone still takes two-day holidays for President’s Day, including the Bank of Botswana and the Government of Botswana. President’s Day holidays are celebrated on the third Monday and Tuesday of the month of July.

Botswana Presidents Day Traditions and Activities

Accordingly, 20th July and 21st July are reserved for President’s Day holidays in Botswana for 2009. The current President of Botswana is Ian Khama.

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