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Cambodia Observes International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day is a public holiday in Cambodia.

International Human Rights Day: December 10

International Human Rights Day is a public holiday in Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea and Namibia.

On December 10, Cambodia joins the world in celebrating The United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Day. This date marks the anniversary of the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, adopted and proclaimed on that day by the General Assembly of the United Nations, at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France.

History of International Human Rights Day in Cambodia

From January 1947 to December 1948, United Nations representatives drafted what was to be called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The objective was to form a worldwide consensus about the basic human rights for all people around the world. The human rights declaration was aimed at changing both the path followed during World War II and the generally accepted colonial ideas in the world. Today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered the most translated document in history, available in 360 languages and counting. On December 10, 1948, all states and organizations were invited to proclaim on their calendars the day of December 10 as Human Rights Day. Each year, Human Rights Day has a theme that focuses on people knowing their human rights or the education of human rights. Cambodia signed the declaration and uses December 10 as their Human Rights Day.

Cambodia’s International Human Rights Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Cambodians celebrate Human Rights Day in National Stadium with the presence of royalty, government officials, and non-governmental organizations. Activities include religious dances, official speeches, and NGO promotions and presentations of their reports on human rights. At times, the Cambodian government has heavily controlled celebrations with police surveillance. Cambodia has been facing growing international criticism towards human rights violations.

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