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Cambodia Paris Peace Treaty Day

Paris Peace Treaty Day in Cambodia is a public holiday.

Cambodia Paris Peace Treaty Day: October 23

Cambodia Celebrates Paris Peace Treaty Day.

Cambodia celebrates the peace treaty among the opposing factions that was signed in Paris on October 23 in 1991.

Cambodia Paris Peace Treaty Day History

The Khmer Rouge attacked its neighboring countries in 1977, to reclaim territories it lost many centuries before. Vietnam invaded Cambodia in November 1978 to stop Khmer Rouge incursions across the border and the genocide in Cambodia.

In January 1979, Vietnam created a protectorate regime called the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK). The new regime restored much of Cambodia’s way of life, which includes the practice of Buddhism and a national education system.

Vietnam deployed more than 100,000 troops in Cambodia in the 1980s. The economy of Cambodia further deteriorated under continuous fighting between PRK and DK forces. The claimed thousands of lives, people were either killed in battle or maimed by landmines. Cambodia’s foreign minister, Hun Sen, became prime minister of the PRK in 1985.

Talks began in Paris to try to settle the Cambodian civil war in 1987. Vietnam proclaimed its plans to pull out its occupying forces from Cambodia in 1989. On October 23, 1991, all of Cambodia’s opposing factions signed a peace treaty. The United Nations assumed the government’s administrative functions as agreed in the treaty. Under the auspices of the United Nations the elections were held in May 1993. In September 1993, a new democratic government was installed

Cambodia Paris Peace Treaty Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Cambodia’s holidays and festivals are a time of great jubilation for the largely rural populace. The people make an effort to go to the capital in order to take part in the celebrations and witness the organized fireworks displays, which accompany the festivals.

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