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August Holidays

Afghanistan celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on August 19.

Afghanistan Independence Day Date: August 19

Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan today.

Afghanistan’s Independence Day was declared on August 19, 1919. Afghanistan is a country surrounded by land on all sides and no sea shores. Geographically, it is located in Central Asia or Middle East. Iran borders in the south and west and Pakistan is located to the south and east. Afghanistan was considered to be an independent country on August 19, 1919. Since then, the citizens of the nation celebrate it as Independence Day. It should be remembered that inspite of the invasions of the English colonials in this region, they never got control over the administration.

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Posted on 19 Aug 2017 in : Afghanistan Holidays,August Holidays

Jesus Transfiguration

Jesus's Transfiguration is observed by Orthodox Christians on August 19.

Jesus’s Transfiguration Date: August 19

Jesus’s Transfiguration is observed by members of Orthodox Christianity.

Jesus’s Transfiguration is the event in which the Jesus was transfigured upon a mountain. It was on 19th of August that this mournful even took place and the world was astonished to see the transfiguration of the Jesus. Jesus became glowing and spoke to Moses and Elijah (very important figure of the Judaism) and was called Son by God. Those, who show this incident, was asked by the Jesus not to reveal about the even to anyone until he rises in the cross and that would be done on the third day of his death.

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Posted on 18 Aug 2017 in : August Holidays,Christian Calendar

Gabon celebrates National Holiday

A national holiday occurs in Gabon on August 17.

Gabon National Holiday Date: August 17

A national holiday occurs in Gabon today.

National holiday of any country is the day when all the working or doings in a country are suspended. Gabon, one of the nation of the western central Africa got its independence from the France colonial power on 17th August 1960, which is the 229th day of the year. This is a historical day for the Gabon, as it was when the country freed itself from the rule of any other community.

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Posted on 17 Aug 2017 in : August Holidays,Gabon Holidays

Dominican Republic celebrates Restoration Day

Restoration Day in the Dominican Republic is a public holiday.

Restoration Day Date: August 16

Dominican Republic celebrates Restoration Day as a public holiday.

Spain controlled the Dominican Republic until 1863. The Dominicans started the war in Santiago to restore the independence from Spanish rule. On August 16, 1965, Spain ended its occupation and Dominican independence was established.

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Posted on 16 Aug 2017 in : August Holidays,Dominican Republic Holidays

Indonesia Independence Day

Independence Day in Indonesia is a public holiday.

Indonesia Independence Day: August 17

Independence Day is a public holiday in Indonesia.

Today, this day is celebrated on a grand scale that involves a lot of activities. The planning and preparations start one week before the day. Huge banners are hung over official buildings. Red and white draping covers the official buildings and fences around the palace of the president. Even malls take part in this celebration by holding Independence Day special sale and are entirely decorated in red and white theme.

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Posted on 16 Aug 2017 in : August Holidays,Indonesia Holidays

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