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Ecuador Independence Day

Independence Day in Ecuador is a public holiday.

Ecuador Independence Day Date: August 10

Ecuador celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday.

August 10th, 1830, is celebrated as the Independence Day in Ecuador. May 24, 1822, is celebrated as the first Independence Day for Ecuador against its independence from Spain. The Spanish started spreading their roots here around 1532
and slowly started establishing the pillars of their kingdom. But it was not before 1809 that the inhabitants of Ecuador revolted for the first time against the Spanish rule Thus the First major attempt for independence started nearly 300 years of Spanish colonization in 1809, but unfortunately it continued only for 24 days and the Spanish army regained control over Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Ecuador Independence Day History

Simón Bolívar, who first raised his voice against the Spanish rule, along with the leadership of city’s criollos, which included Eugenio Espejo, Bishop Cuero y Caicedo and Carlos Montúfar, commenced the fight for freedom in Venezuela and Colombia.

On 7 august 1819, in the battle of Boyaca, the victory of Simón Bolívar had preserved the independence of the Nueva Granada’s former Viceroyalty. Now to the south, on September 8, 1820, José de San Martin, after landing the Army on Peruvian coast, started preparing for the independence of Peru’s Viceroyalty. Then on October 9, 1820, after a bloodless revolt against the Spanish, Guayaquil, the port city, claimed its independence.

The news of Guayaquil Independence spread like fire in the other cities of Presidencia, and thus leading to similar movements in other parts of the province. On 18 October 1820 Portoviejo, declared itself as an independent entity. Similar activity was followed in Cuenca, the Economic centre of southern highlands on November 3rd, 1820 .Finally on 24th May, 1822, the two year long, Battle of Pichincha, took place on the slopes of Pichincha volcano, next to the city of Quito ,which marked the defeat of the Spanish army.

Ecuador Independence Day Traditions and Activities

August 10, 1830, is also known as ‘El Primer Grito de Independence’ as the local name for Independence Day of Ecuador. It is widely celebrated throughout the region as a National Holiday. It marks as the beginning of a new era for the Ecuadorians .People celebrates this day with fun and enjoyment. Various cultural programs and events are organized for this day in different parts of the country and especially in the capital city of Quito.

In Quito, the events are organized in Plaza de la Independencia and the Palacio de Gobierno .The whole city is lit up beautifully. Military parades and cultural events are also held for rejoicing on this wonderful occasion. To add to the list, various agricultural, and poultry fair along with dances and music parades also take place displaying the rich culture and tradition of this country.

This celebration highlights every aspect of the cultural diversity and joy of this country and its people. People of the country residing in United States of America also celebrate this day in United States. The immigrant community at United States of America organizes various kinds of music, sports and cultural shows and programs to celebrate this day.

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