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El Salvador Celebrates Soldier’s Day

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El Salvador’s Soldiers’ Day: May 7

Soldiers’ Day is a public holiday in El Salvador.

Every year on the 7th of May. El Salvador marks the founding of its armed forces in 1824.

History of El Salvador’s Soldiers’ Day

The Fuerza Armada de El Salvador or the Armed Forces of El Salvador was established in 1840 after the dissolution of the United Provinces of Central America on the same year in which El Salvador was a part.

The United Provinces of Central America was a central American sovereign state which has a brief existence from 1823 to 1840. It included the following countries in Central America: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

The Armed Forces of El Salvador is composed of the Army, the Air Force and the Navy which was reestablished in 1952 after 40 years of absence. The event that leads to the creation of El Salvador’s armed forces is now known as Soldiers’ Day.

El Salvador’s Soldiers’ Day: Traditions, Customs and Activities

El Salvador’s Soldiers’ Day is celebrated with grand parade among the members of the Armed Forces. Celebrations and ceremonial activities follow where relatives and friends of members of the soldiers are allowed to attend.

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