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Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

Independence Day in the Equatorial Guinea is a public holiday.

Equatorial Guinea Day: October 12

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Equatorial Guinea.

The day a country gains independence is a snapshot of history that is cherished and celebrated by that country forever. The Equatorial Guinea celebrates their Independence Day on October 12 as a celebration of pride.

History of Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

Equatorial Guinea was originally an African colony of Spain , called Spanish Guinea. The country is bordered by Cameroon and Gabon , which are former French colonies. Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest continents in Africa , composed of a mainland portion, and five inhabited islands. The majority of the Guineans speak Spanish and some also speak French, which are the two official languages of the country.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the most underdeveloped countries in Africa , but with the discovery of petroleum and natural gas reserves in the Gulf of Guinea , major investment have been made by the U.S and many oil companies. Steps have been taken to pave some of the country’s main roads, improve the electrical and telecommunications systems, establish offices, and build hotels in the country. The country is also taking steps to build modern housing complexes for those who can afford them. The country is working to be the foundation for a modern and sophisticated Guinean working class.

In 1968, Francisco Macias Nguema was elected as Equatorial Guinea ’s first president, and independence was recognized in October 1968. Under Presidents Nguema’s leadership, one third of the Guinean population was exiled. The economy had collapsed, and Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo deposed Francisco Macias in a coup d’etat battle. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo then became the president of the country in 1979. He has the country ever since and some believe that the past elections have been flawed to keep President Mbasogo in office since he has full political control over the entire political system.

Equatorial Guinea Independence Day Traditions, Customs, and Activities

The celebration of Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea is similar to the celebration of the United States. Public facilities are typically closed and many celebrations are held in honor of this day. For example, a festival was held in the town of Evinayong, a provincial capital on the continent as a celebration of spirit and pride for the country.

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