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Flag Day Observed in Argentina

Flag Day is a public holiday in Argentina.

Flag Day Date: June 21

Flag Day is a public holiday in Argentina.

Argentina means “The Land of Silver”. It originally had large deposits of silver which were mined and exported for various uses. It is also the second largest country in South America. The country has a rich history of culture, trade, and community. Part of its history is the creation of the flag of Argentina, and its creation is celebrated every June.

History of Flag Day in Argentina

The flag of the country was designed with three stripes, the top and the bottom stripes colored sky blue and the middle stripe white with an image of the sun in the middle. This flag was created by Manuel Belgrano in February 12, 1812 and was flown on the battlefield later that month during a war for independence. The flag was officially adopted on July 9, 1816 with the creation of Argentina’s declaration of independence.

However, the day of commemorating the national flag and honoring it is done on Flag Day which is celebrated every year on June 20. This day marks the death anniversary of the designer Manuel Belgrano. The decision of celebrating the flag on that particular day was taken in the year 1938.

Argentina’s Flag Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

The spirit of the day is to celebrate national unity, integrity, and culture. Because of its importance, the day is declared as a national public holiday with all commercial and banking establishments closed. The day is marked with celebrations all over the country with politicians giving speeches that resonate with a call for national unity and integrity.

The president is also present during the public celebrations that take place in the capital with parades going on with attendance from the various wings of the defense forces and the veterans of war. The television also broadcasts these celebrations live. There are also parades arranged at local municipalities in which the common people participate with the national flag painted over their faces and body, or by carrying around the flag to various localities. The day ends with a colorful fireworks display.

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