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Francisco Morazán Day in Honduras

 Francisco Morazán Day is a national holiday in Honduras.

Honduras Francisco Morazán Day Date: October 3

Honduras celebrates Francisco Morazán Day as a public holiday.

Francisco Morazán Day is a national holiday in Honduras. Honduras celebrates, on 3 October, the birth anniversary of Francisco Morazán, a popular Honduran leader who was born in the year 1792.

History of Honduras Francisco Morazán Day

Francisco Morazán was born on October 32rd , 1972, in Tegucugalpa (present-day Honduras), during the waning years of Spanish colonial rule. He was very intelligent and his natural leadership skills attracted followers wherever he went and soon distinguished himself for his bravery and charisma. He became actively involved in politics when his nation gained independence. The ideological conflict between liberals and conservatives was brewing for a long time and finally ended in war. The defense was lead by Morazán who was defeated and captured. He then escaped to Nicaragua where he was put in charge of a small army. He led the army, during the legendary Battle of La Trinidad, which marched on Honduras and captured it at on November 11, 1827. Morazán became the liberal leader with the highest profile in Central America, and was elected to serve as President of the Federal Republic of Central America in 1830.Morazán’s grip on power was firm until late 1837, when Rafael Carrera led an uprising in eastern Guatemala which Morazán found it difficult to put down. Morazán, who was forced to go into exile in Colombia in 1840 and died in San Jose, Costa Rica, 15 September, 1842

Francisco Morazán Day in Honduras – Traditions, Customs and Activities

Francisco Morazán Day in Honduras is deemed a national holiday along with other important days like Independence Day. All educational institutions, government offices and even businesses remain closed on October 3rd of every year, throughout the country. There are provinces, streets and parks in Honduras, which are named after Morazán to honor him.

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