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Gabon celebrates National Holiday

A national holiday occurs in Gabon on August 17.

Gabon National Holiday Date: August 17

A national holiday occurs in Gabon today.

National holiday of any country is the day when all the working or doings in a country are suspended. Gabon, one of the nation of the western central Africa got its independence from the France colonial power on 17th August 1960, which is the 229th day of the year. This is a historical day for the Gabon, as it was when the country freed itself from the rule of any other community.

History of Gabon National Holiday

It was in 1815 that the French showed its interest in the Gabon coast. After few years, a treaty was signed between the French and the African king, who had a control over the northern Gabon coast. According to this treaty, the kingdom was ceded to France, but in return for French security. As the years passed, the French explorers penetrated in the interiors of the Gabon. It was in 1890 that the Gabon formally became a part of French Congo. However, it was after few years that the movement for independence was started by the two leaders Léon Mba and Jean-Hilaire Aubame. Though both fought for the independence, but their way was different. Such as the Gabon Democratic Bloc was led by the Léon Mba and Aubame led the Gabonese branch of the Party of African Reunion.

The Gabonesse branch formed was basically involved in making groups and all whereas the one led by Mba strongly opposed to such groupings. Mba policy was such that the richest nation of Gabon should head forward to help the poor. In 1958, the Gabon community voted out that they should have an autonomous republic under the French Community. It was in 1959 that the first official government was formed and the constitution was adapted. Gabon was formally declared independent on 17 August 1960. It was in 1961 that the community was no longer active that it was ceased completely.

After the gain of independence Gabon is not ruled by only one president but instead two. Initially, the national flag of the Gabon was somewhat different from the present one. Gabon, like many African countries, went ahead and instituted asymmetrical power relations.

Gabon National Holiday Traditions and Celebrations

Gabon celebrates this national day with great enthusiasm and excitement. It is a national holiday. School and colleges all celebrate this day and students sing the national anthem of the country and there patriotic songs. Celebrations may continue for continuous three days from 16 till 18 of august. This day is the day when all the people of Gabon come together and honor the independence of their country. It is widely celebrated not only in the city area, but even in the villages. National flag is hoisted of the country. During any celebration or ceremonies, food and wine are offered to the ancestors. All men and women take part in the rituals and make an event a memorable dance as singing, drumming and dancing takes place all around. Wines are the common there in the ceremony. Thus, 17th of august is a memorable day for the Gabon.

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