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Ghana Celebrates Its Farmers

Farmers Day in Ghana is a public holiday.

Farmers Day: December 4

Farmers Day in Ghana is a public holiday.

National Farmers Day was first initiated by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to pay tribute to its industrious farmers whose hardwork contributed to the improvement of the agricultural sector. It was in 1988 that the government set aside the first Friday of December as Farmers Day and decreed that it would be a public holiday.

History of Farmers Day in Ghana

It was in 1985 when Ghana’s first Farmers Day was first observed at Osino in the Eastern Region. It must be noted that during the early 1980s, Ghana experienced intense droughts, causing agricultural output in Ghana to plunge. It was the exemplary dedication and hard work of the farmers, fishermen, and researchers that rebuilt the farming sector which was able to feed the entire drought-stricken nation.

Prizes were awarded for the most outstanding farmers at regional and national levels. Throughout the year, farmers that enter the competition are closely observed and reviewed. Farmers are judged on their understanding of animal husbandry practices, environmental knowledge, use of new agricultural technologies, and involvement in their local community’s welfare. Customarily, the agriculture sector of Ghana has been a vital and significant part of the nation’s economy and the main focus of endeavors at national growth.

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture is in charge of mounting a proactive approach towards the development of Ghana’s agricultural sector, an approach that will make sure that Ghana will be self-sufficient and secure in its food needs. It is also in charge of making sure that the production of necessary raw materials for the agricultural industry is in check and its annual foreign exchange earnings are improved through the production of assorted export crops.

Ghana’s Farmers Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

All across Ghana workers are granted a day of rest as the nation celebrates the yearly Farmers Day. The celebrations are held in Nkawie within the Ashanti Region to denote the significant input of the agriculture in the country and its economy. Many farmers are honored by giving them plaques of appreciation and prizes.

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