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Grenada Carnival

Carnival in Grenada is a public holiday.

Carnival Date: August 10

Grenada celebrates Carnival as a public holiday.

The word carnival is derived from the Latin word ‘levare’ which means ‘’good bye to meat’’, Grenada Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in the island, well known for its color, ingenuity and uniqueness and is held yearly about early part of August. It lasts for about 10 days.

Grenada Carnival History

The history of this great Grenada Carnival takes us way back in the year of 1877, when this country was declared as a British overseas territory, thus relating it to the British Commonwealth.

Afterwards the French had also a hand on this territorial, from where this country gets its French connections. Ever since the island got occupied by the Europeans, Grenada Carnival is being celebrated.

Although these types of carnivals are celebrated across the counterparts of this territory, it has the same effect and recognition as the rest of them. Some people believe that its counterpart, the Trinidad Carnival was highly encouraged by Grenada due to the inclusion of Catholics, who got back in Trinidad with the help of their slaves, thereby celebrating the same way as they did in Grenada.

Grenada Carnival Traditions and Activities

This carnival is scheduled to be on the hottest month of the year and this festival helps the inhabitants to escape the harsh heat during those days. The Grenada carnival is a week long festival. It kicks off with the junior Calypso monarch, which brings out the younger generation of Grenada in the front. It gains momentum, as the carnival precedes towards the end with the calypso shows almost everyday and the sounds of the steel bands grasps your ear at the night time. The feeling of freeness brings all the people of the island together, enthralling all of them with the sounds of the bands, foods, displaying of colorful costumes, talent shows and dance. It is simply a breath taking experience for all the visitors. Competitions, which include Panorama, for the musical bands are held in the island.

The carnival also moves with competitions like National Queen Carnival, where young women from Grenada fancy themselves with carnival costumes and dances to the cultural tunes. They also compete with each other attiring themselves with the evening gown during the evening shows.

A craft and cultural fair called La Baye is also held in Grenville, which is the second largest town in Grenada. It also kicks up the heels of the emancipating visitors. On the final countdown to the carnival, there comes the Dimarche Gras Show, which features the kings and Queens of the fancy dress competitions. These kings and queens are then competing with each other to become the king and queen of the carnival. This grand fiesta definitely unites the whole of the island together and they all come hand in hand to make this festival a worldwide renowned one.

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