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Guanacaste Day

Guanacaste Day in Costa Rica is a public holiday.

Guanacaste Day Date: July 25

Guanacaste Day is a public holiday in Costa Rica.

The annexation of Guanacaste also known as Guanacaste Day is celebrated in Costa Rica on 25th July every year.

Guanacaste Day History

Guanacaste was annexed From Nicaragua in the year 1824. This moment has had significant impact on the history of the region in general. Guanacaste has always been a major coffee exporting region along with the rest of Costa Rica. In 1823, the regions of Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras declared themselves as independent nations. But while Costa Rica Prospered the other nations were war torn. Guanacaste hence, in 1824, requested that they be annexed and made a part of Costa Rica, instead of Nicaragua. The natives of Guanacaste believed in Costa Rican values and that it held a brighter future for them, than under Nicaraguan rule.

Guanacaste Day Traditions and Activities

Hence the annexation of Guanacaste is viewed as the triumph of democracy. This day is grandly celebrated in Costa Rica and is deeply entrenched in their systems. Numerous celebrations are planned and hosted on this day, throughout the country. Parades and traditional folk dances are performed while children are educated on the strong family values and traditional values of Costa Rica. Another aspect of the celebrations is the bullfights that occur. In addition, the whole week leading to July 25th, is lined with parades to the parks at the centres of the various towns, by all primary and secondary schools. Public dances are held and the whole nation rejoices in festivities.

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