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Indonesia Independence Day

Independence Day in Indonesia is a public holiday.

Indonesia Independence Day: August 17

Independence Day is a public holiday in Indonesia.

Today, this day is celebrated on a grand scale that involves a lot of activities. The planning and preparations start one week before the day. Huge banners are hung over official buildings. Red and white draping covers the official buildings and fences around the palace of the president. Even malls take part in this celebration by holding Independence Day special sale and are entirely decorated in red and white theme.

History of Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesia’s Independence Day was declared on Friday morning in the year 1945 on 10.00 am. Indonesia considered this as the start of a revolution against the rule of Netherlands, and Netherlands officially approved Indonesians independence in the year 1949. In 2005, even Netherlands agreed that 17th august 1945 would be the independence day of Indonesia.

Indonesian Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Celebrations

The city’s governing body shells out big sums to make a nice series of red and white lighted decorations to the length of ‘Jl. Thamrin’ and ‘Jl. Sudirman’. The residents if Indonesia also takes part in this big day by decorating their homes and repainting their main gates in themes of red and white. The entire town looks red and white on that day and most of the places display ‘Dirghayu RI (Long Live Indonesia)’ .

Newspapers and magazines have views and articles of the countries progress, further hurdles, etc. These opinions come from politicians, social scientist and high esteem people. Children also take part in the celebrations by participating in various activities held by different associations. Funds for prizes are obtained by the money collected from donations. Classes are decorated patriotically.

The entertainment world doesn’t stay behind. Shows relating to the activities involved during independence are aired for many days even before and after the Independence Day. Even shows involving stars are held at different venues and are shown throughout the town. All the places in and around the houses are cleaned. Business organizations are asked for donations regarding the celebrations.

After the laborious preparations and planning comes the main day where the most important ceremony of flag hoisting takes place at the National Palace. This ceremony is broadcasted live. This day is conducted with full pomp and show every year as it is considered to be a day of respect and honor for the residents of the country. These events are conducted by the President and Vice President and high position officials from cabinet, military brass attend it along with the families of president, corps etc. Trained and talented students from various schools are brought together for marching activity.

Besides the official events fun activities and games take place at neighborhood. These games involve eating contests, decorations of bike, cooking competition and many more.’ Panjat Pinang’ is another popular game played on this day. In this game a ‘Areca palm trunk’ is erected and is greased properly with oil and clay and prizes are hung at the top of the tree. Any person who is successful to climb up the tree gets himself a prize. All the people take part in these activities with lot of enthusiasm. The patriotic spirit of the habitants of the town along with entertainment quotient makes this day really special.

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