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Iran’s Annual Celebration of the Islamic Republic Day

Islamic Republic Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Iran

Islamic Republic Day: April 1

Islamic Republic Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Iran

The country of Iran holds a yearly gathering every April 1st in remembrance of the country’s Islamic Republic constitution that was officially proclaimed on 1979. Islamic Republic Day is one of Iran’s most historic celebrations. It was proclaimed to be a national holiday approximately two months after the success of the Islamic Revolution on 1979.

History of Iran’s Islamic Republic Day

The Iranian people were unified by a common purpose were able to oust the Pahlavi administration and restored the Islamic laws and the country’s sovereignty. This regime was established under the ruling power of the British and was supported by the Americans as well.

The Iranian Revolution started on 1978 all aiming to bring down Shah, the King. Because of this revolution, followed by a series of rallies and strikes, the Iranian economy deteriorated so badly and the country underwent a national economic catastrophe. The country then conceded and declared its government to be neutral against any war which subsequently resulted to the abolishment of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

On the 30th and 31st of March which is the 10th and 11th of Farvadin to the Islams, the government passed a referendum aiming to replace the monarchy with an Islamic Republic. The referendum was a success since almost 98.2 percent of the people voted for its approval.

April 1, 1979 was the official affirmation of Iran as an Islamic Republic and since then, the 1st of April has been observed yearly by the people to commemorate the Islamic Republic Day.

Iran’s Islamic Republic Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

The people look to this day with honor and salutation because it is considered as one of the triumphs and accomplishments of Iran as a nation. Several rallies and activities are also held nationwide during this special day. Some civic groups organize educational campaigns that educates the youth about the history and culture of the country.

Declared as an official non-working public holiday, the Iranians also celebrate the Islamic Republic Day as a family day or a chance to meet up and be reunited with friends and loved ones.

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