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July 4th – USA Independence Day

Flag for the country of the United States of America.

Independence Day: July 4

July 4th is a public holiday in the USA.
Among all the events that are celebrated worldwide, very few of them get as much recognition and respect in the United States of America as the Independence Day does. The fourth of July as it has been termed affectionately by the country’s founding fathers stands as a symbol of American freedom over British rule. This independence occurred in the year 1776, when the Americans finally won their freedom from the Queen’s rule. The festival stands as a high point in American society and it knows no boundaries as the entire nation comes together to celebrate this grand occasion.

July 4th History

Upon attaining freedom from the British rule on July the 2nd, 1776, there was a resolution of independence that was passed considering the United States of America as a free country and two days later the Declaration of Independence was finalized and the Congress government was instrumental in approving the Declaration of Independence that till day remains as a holy grail in the American constitution.

There has been some initial controversy concerning the celebration date for the independence as it was on the 2nd of July that the country attained freedom and it was on the 4th of the same month that the much publicized declaration statement was passed. Later it was finalized to be the 4th of July as it was the official day of Independence. Ever since the first day of Independent America, the country has never cut short its celebration proceedings on the 4th of July and rightfully so.

July 4th Traditions and Activities

Every year, the event is meted out with much fan fare and July 4th fireworks. Fireworks on the 4th of July have accompanying fabulous soundtracks that evoke a spirit of national integrity among the American public like the “The Star Spangled Banner”, the national anthem are played out so that it gives one a special feeling of being American. The main portion of the events only occurs outdoors, and it is a family event and is viewed as a great get together of families from all parts of the country.

Grounds are filled on July 4th with campers and barbecue machines. The horizon is set aflame with blazing July 4 fireworks that stand as a symbol of American power. The proceedings go on till late into the night and is also accompanied by a whole lot of parades that also recognize veterans of the wars fought not long ago. Although some states have banned fireworks citing safety reasons, it still remains the mainstay of the entire event. Areas of Detroit and Chicago are littered with fireworks and the display is one of the largest in the country, as in these parts the celebrations coincide with Canada Day. It was in 1931 that the congress conferred the Independence Day as a paid federal holiday so that no man is left in a quest for money at the time of celebrating the nation’s independence.

The fourth of July has many strong memories for many as it is an important and integral part of American Society. The festival serves as an earnest attempt at throwing light on America’s struggle for Independence to the nation’s youth.

July 4th is also known as:

  • 4th of July
  • Fourth of July
  • July 4
  • July Fourth
  • 4th of July Celebration
  • 4th of July Celebrations
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