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Kazakhstan celebrates Constitution Day

Constitution Day in the Kazakhstan is a public holiday.

Kazakhstan Constitution Day Date: August 30

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is one of the last Soviet republics to get freedom in December 1991. Its Constitution was adopted on August 30, 1995 — almost four years after their independence. On August 30, the entire political system became a democracy, replacing communism. The change in the political system marks a very important era as an independent Kazakhstan became a sovereign and economically liberal republic.

History of Kazakhastan Constitution Day

The history of August 30, 1995, started before Kazakhstan’s independence. It became a sovereign republic within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in October 1990. August of 1991 saw an aborted coup effort in Moscow, which resulted in Kazakhstan gaining its independence on December 16, 1991.

Though Kazakhastan got its independence in December 1991, the economy and political system was the old one from the Soviet Union days. It was on Constitution Day, August 30, 1995, the constitution was given a new facelift in an attempt to make Kazakhstan a democratic republic.

An exception to making Kazakhastan a democracy is the fact that President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been granted lifetime power. Nursultan Nazarbayev started out as the head of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan in 1989. Democracy in Kazakhstan is fighting against the early communist perception. However, it is still an improvement over the previous system. The major thing that changed following the new constitution was the economy. Kazakhstan is a mineral rich country with abundant resources of uranium, chromium, zinc, oil, natural gas and diamonds.

Kazakhastan Constitution Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

August 30the, gives the people of Kazakhstan a big reason to celebrate its history. The Constitution Day is celebrated all over Kazakhstan. It is not only a mark of a free country but a free country with lots of economic growth, which is worth celebrating.

The educational institutions reinforce this day as an important lesson in their history and their rule of law. The media plays its part in educating the citizens about the constitution and the constitutional developments. The Supreme Court spreads awareness about the importance of judiciary system in the country. It also tries to bring forward the facts about how constitution encourages and protects the country’s sovereignty, human rights and the benefits of independence.

The Supreme Court conducts seminars in high schools. The atmosphere is full of festivity and lot of special performances and events are organized by the citizens to celebrate this day. After all, it is the constitution, which brings about changes and protects the interest of the common mass of a country.

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