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Liberia Celebrates National Redemption Day

National Redemption Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Liberia

National Redemption Day: April 12

National Redemption Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Liberia

In celebration of the anniversary of the coup d’état that was spearheaded by Samuel Doe in 1980, Liberia dedicated the 12th of April as the National Redemption Day. This is a special day for the Liberians as they commemorate the establishment of the Second Republic.

History of National Redemption Day in Liberia

The existence of Liberia as a modern state was a product of the efforts of the negotiations initiated by the liberated black residents from the United States who were once slaves. These forces received supports from the many different branches of the United States and ruled the country for almost a century.

It was only on 1847 that the country was declared as independent after several years under the hands of the colonial powers. However, when the country achieved its independence, it never managed to stand alone since it was not able to improve its economic stability by itself. Due to this condition, many parts of Liberia’s territory were handed down to the British and French colonies.

The plan of the Europeans on Liberia turned out to be not a good idea for the Liberians. The Europeans wanted to re-establish the Liberians to let go and forget their origins and traditions. Due to the strong spirit of the Liberian customs and values, several underground movements were organized by concerned civilian groups to preserved and maintain their identities.

Liberia was then ruled by President William Tolbert Jr. under a single-party government where there was limited civilian freedom. Moreover, the executive branch controlled the judiciary and legislative branches under the administration of Tolbert.

In 1980, an opposition to the administration of the president led by Gabriel B. Matthews was established and aimed to oust the Tolbert government. Seeing it as a threat, Tolbert had Matthews arrested along with his alliances on March 1990.

A few weeks after the arrest of Matthews, 28-year old Master Sergeant Samuel Doe plotted a coup and assassinated President Tolbert along with his officials. After the execution, Doe established a People’s Redemption Council which granted full executive and legislative council. Doe was officially announced as the President of Liberia on January 1986.

This new constitution created by Doe took effect on 1986 and he was inaugurated as the first president of the Second Republic of Liberia.

National Redemption Day in Liberia Traditions, Customs and Activities

This memorable event in the History of Liberia is being celebrated each year with pride and honor. The people observed the even with respect as they participate in ceremonial activities and parades during the holiday.

The media also covers important events and activities for the whole nation to witness and be part of this yearly celebration. Some of the most common activities throughout the day are parades, rallies, speeches organized by civic groups and political organizations.

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