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Liberia Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in Liberia.

Thanksgiving Day: November 3

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in Liberia.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Liberia on the first Thursday of November. It follows the same traditions as Thanksgiving Day in the United States, since Liberians do have several holidays in common with or to honor the United States, besides Thanksgiving Liberians also have the Independence Day in July, and Pioneer’s day that honors the American pioneers in Liberia’s colonization.

History of Thanksgiving Day

Liberia was founded in the XIX century by freed slaves from the United States, Liberia never knew the colonial power of European countries like other African countries. Liberia’s name comes from Latin word Liber, meaning free. Liberia was founded as a colony by the American Colonization Society between 1821 and 1822, it was intended to be a place for slaves freed in the United States and that wanted to immigrate to Africa in search of more personal freedom and equality as citizens. Also the capital city of Liberia, Monrovia was named after the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, supporter of the colonization of Liberia by free slaves. And so the free men brought with them many of the United States traditions and kept them as to honor their humble beginnings. Thanksgiving Day is one of them, and Liberians still celebrate it, same way as Americans do it, but of course with Liberians unique cultural touches.

Thanksgiving Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Thanksgiving is celebrated to give thanks to God and Americans for freeing the slaves and granting them Liberia in Africa to live as free men. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity for Liberians to recognize the good things that life has to offer them, even though the country has been troubled by internal conflicts. It is a day celebrated with families’ gatherings and eating chicken roasting and green bean casserole and mashed cassavas. Liberians like their food hot and spicy, so cayenne and other peppers may be added to Liberian Thanksgiving dishes. As with all Liberian celebrations, there is plenty of music, song, and dance during Thanksgiving Day.

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