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Morocco King & People’s Revolution Day

King & People’s Revolution Day in Morocco is a public holiday.

King & People’s Revolution Day Date: August 20

Morocco celebrates King & People’s Revolution Day as a public holiday.

There are many public holidays, which are celebrated in Morocco all throughout the year. During public holidays the offices, schools, and other working places remain closed and the population enjoys these holidays by celebrating the special occasions. August 20 is the day celebrated by the Moroccan in remembrance of King Mohammad V’s return to Morocco after a period of exile in Madagascar. His return to Morocco marks a great revolution. The wide spread negotiation resulted in the Morocco’s Independence. Thus, August 20 came to be popularly known as the King & People’s Revolution day, marking a historical landmark for the residents of Morocco.

History of King & People’s Revolution Day

This day, makes one remember about the great struggle that the Alaouite Throne and the Moroccan people had undergone for their freedom. French authorities exiled the Late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family. The reason the French Authorities gave for exiling the king was that the king refused to stop the action of the national movement and he also denied signing the pact that asked for French domination over Morocco.

The Moroccan people revolted against these actions of the French Colonizers in order to save their homeland. They all stood united with the king and supported him wholeheartedly. This was quite surprising for the French colonizers. August 20 caused the start for the end of colonialism in Morocco. This struggle for independence continued for a long time and they demanded the return of their exiled king.

Althoough they got the liberation, the King was still not happy there were many problems relating to economic and social development. A lot of struggle was occuring to overcome all of these problems. Thus, the struggle continued to save the economy and social development of the country. The King inspired the people and led to the progress, security and development of the country. Although he does not exist anymore, he is still remembered for his great contribution to the liberation of Morocco. He was the one who led the stepping-stone for the liberation of Morocco. This brought about the revolution and thus this day came to be known as the King & People’s Revolution day.

King & People’s Revolution Day Customs and Activities

Morocco celebrates The King & People’s Revolution day with great joy and enthusiasm. This was the day that they got freedom from colonization and it was due to the effort of the King Mohammed V. It was the day when the king returned from his exile and all the people were full of happiness and joy when they got their king back.

There are many events, which take place in this celebration. Music can be heard playing all around. The music has an influence on the tradition and culture of Arab, Amazigh, African, and Andalusian tribes. It makes use of a number of traditional instruments such as flute, shawn, etc. Foods made in the Morocco are very spicy and delicious. Dancing, feasting and fasting are all a part of the Morocco festival and celebrations. All the people come together on this day to show their honor and respect to the King.

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