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Morocco Festively Celebrates Feast of the Throne

Feast of the Throne is a national holiday in Morocco.

Feast of the Throne Date: July 30

Feast of the Throne is a national holiday in Morocco.

Morocco, situated on the westernmost tip of North Africa, celebrates the national holiday of the Feast of the Throne every year on July 30. July 23, 2010 marks the 11th anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s ascendance to the throne.

History of the Feast of the Throne in Morocco

The present Moroccan royal family is from the Alaouite Dynasty. Moulay Ali Cherif, who became Sultan of Tafilat in 1631, was the founder of this dynasty. The Alaouite dynasty claims that they are successors of Muhammad. The Feast of the Throne is thus known as Eid Al-`Arch in Arabic to honor the rule of the Alaouite royal family on the empire.

The festival was at first celebrated on November 18 when King Mohammed V was the emperor. Later, the date moved to March 3 during the reign of the late King Hassan II. Presently, it is celebrated on July 30, the day when King Muhammad VI was enthroned.

Since 1999, there has been drastic change in the political and economic conditions under the reign of King Mohammed VI. Although there is high unemployment and destitution in the nation, tourism and foreign investment in urban areas are providing better chances for the economy to thrive. Over the years there has been a marked improvement in laws supporting human rights making the nation a better place to live in. Education and expanded rights, especially for women, has become more prominent. Additionally a law to protect the rich Berber culture has been passed.

Formally Morocco’s parliament has minimal powers. However the nation took a step towards democracy by hosting the nation’s first municipal elections in 2002. There is strong vigilance on the activities of Islamists and other diplomatic groups. However, some provincial disputes of Ceuta and Melilla, and Western Sahara still remain unsolved under the king’s reign.

Morocco’s Feast of the Throne Traditions, Customs and Activities

Traditionally, the king is expected to talk to the state on July 29. And on July 30, the customary practice of bey’a, a swearing of allegiance to the king, is held. There is a grand social gathering at the Royal Palace. Cavalcades and fireworks show also take place throughout the country.

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