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Mothers Day

Mothers Day is Celebrated on May 9, 2010 in Canada.

Mothers Day: May 12

Mothers Day is celebrated in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Motherhood is perhaps one of the most glorious things in the world. Mothers shape their children’s life in a way that no one else can do. Mother’s day has always been celebrated to cherish our dear mothers and make the day special for them. The Mother’s day concept was conceived by Anna Jarvis who felt it was essential to have a day to commemorate the glory of motherhood. It is now celebrated world wide.

Mothers Day History

Mother’s day has a recent history dating to the early 20th century. The one that is celebrated throughout the world is derived from the US one. There are other festivals like the Mothering Sunday of the UK that has an origin much earlier. This dates back to the 16th century. There are also beliefs that it originated from the ancient Greece who honored the great mother of Greek Gods Cybele. There was one in Rome dedicated to Juno.

Dating back to 1912, the founder Anna Jarvis copyrighted the name “Mother’s day” and the “2nd Sunday of May”. Jarvis is supposed to have been very particular about the position of the apostrophe. It was supposed to come after the ‘r’ in mother. This denoted that this was singular possessive. This means that it is expected of each person in the family to cherish their mother. It was not to denote a general term for all the mothers. This was the spelling that President Wilson used in making the holiday official.

Mothers Day Traditions and Activities

The day is usually celebrated by giving gifts to the mothers. Children usually like taking in charge of some of the household work such as cooking or doing the dishes. It is done to recognize the role of mothers in making their everyday life smooth. The mothers are also taken out for dinner. Recent traditions involve in getting the mothers a “Mother ring” as a token of affection.

There has been rampant commercialization of the Mother’s day. The sales of Mother’s day cards earn so much of revenue that it disgusted even the founder Jarvis. She became famous for her vociferous protest against this form of commercialization. She thought that the cards destroyed the bond and it made people lazy to write a personal letter. She even gave a statement saying that she wished she had never started the day because it was not the way she expected it to be celebrated.

There is nothing better than being at home with our mothers and spending some quality time with them. It would probably bring in more joy than any of the fancy gifts. The commercialization is to be condoned, but in the wake of modern life, there is no other go than to accept it.

Nowadays billions of dollars are generated on a single day. According to a survey, Americans usually spend 2.6 billion dollars on flowers and 1.53 billion dollars on very indulgent gifts like spa visits. There is a whopping sixty eight million dollars spent on the cards alone. The jewelers have a happy day with 7.8% of their revenue getting generated on one day.

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