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National Day Celebrated in Romania

National Day is a public holiday in Romania.

National Day: December 1

National Day is a public holiday in Romania.

This holiday commemorates the Romanian Revolution, the reunification of Transylvania with the province of Bessarabia, and the reunification of the province of Bukovina with the rest of the Romanian Kingdom in 1918.

History of National Day in Romania

For the people of Romania, after so many years of armed struggle and sacrifice, the year 1918 signifies the victory of attaining national unity. Even with looming threats from powerful neighbors, the Romanians have always relished the philosophy of one nation having the same commonality. This dream of a unified nation was enduringly reinforced by the political, economic, military, and cultural interactions between the Romanian territories in the preceding centuries.

On December 1, 1918, deep in the heart of Transylvania at Alba Iulia, the vote of the Great National Council for the reunification of the provinces of Banat, Transilvania, Maramures, and Crisana with Romania was approved by a general assembly. It signified the fulfillment of all the undertakings of integration from Chisinau from March 27 to April 9, 1918 and Cernauti from November 15 to 28, 1918, mandating that Bucovina and Basarabia go back to Romania. The reunification of Romania was fulfilled amidst all of the doubts of the political class after the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires disappeared. The Paris Conference held from 1919 to 1920 failed to establish a whole Romanian nation. A unified Romanian state was created due to steps taken in Cernauti, Chisinau, and Alba Iulia in 1918.

Romania National Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

To mark the National Day which falls on December 1, a military parade and other celebrations are performed on the square in front of the parliament building.

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