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Nepal Celebrates Its Constitution

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Nepal.

Nepal Constitution Day: November 9

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Nepal.

Constitution Day is a holiday that is celebrated in Nepal as a day of remembrance, pride, joy, and strength for the Nepali culture.

History of Nepal Constitution Day

Nepal is a country in South Asia and is the world’s youngest republic. It is the 93rd largest country and the 41st most populated country. The country has many different groups, religions, and cultures and is also known for its many languages. Language groups such as the Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, and Mongolians still exist today, but Nepali has been labeled as the country’s national language.

Nepal’s economy is one that struggles sporadically. Some years, the economy of Nepal grows, but there are other years where the economy faces hard times. The landscape and diversity of Nepal represent potential for tourism, but growth in the tourism industry has been stifled by recent political events. The rate of unemployment and underemployment has approached half of the working-age population, with half of Nepal’s population living below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day. Because of these economic issues, Nepali citizens move to India in search of work.

One of the proudest moments in Nepal is the creation of the new democratic constitution on November 9, 1990. Before this occurred, Nepal was a monarchy running under the control of the king. Ironically, after the constitution was created in 1990, many political changes occurred. Even though this constitution was created, Nepal’s government became highly unstable, falling either through internal collapse or parliamentary dissolution by the monarch. Because of this, a movement occurred in April 2006, and an interim constitution was implemented with hope of stabilizing the economy.

Even though there have been issues since the creation of the constitution, the country constantly works to improve the lifestyle, government, and overall politics that exist.

Nepal Constitution Day Public Traditions, Customs, and Activities

To celebrate Constitution Day, Nepal has a huge festival with singing, dancing, and performing arts. It’s a day to provide Nepal and its people with hope for a better future.

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