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North Korea rejoices Founding of Workers’ Party

Founding of Workers’ Party in North Korea is a public holiday.

North Korea Founding of Workers’ Party: October 10

North Korea celebrates Founding of Workers’ Party as a National Holiday.

October 10 is the Party Foundation Day of the ruling party of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) more commonly known as North Korea, which is the Workers’ Party of Korea. Since its founding, the WPK has been the ruling party in the DPRK.

North Korea Founding of Workers’ Party History

The North Korean government considers October 10, 1945 as the ‘Party Foundation Day’ but it was on June 30, 1949 when the Workers Party of North Korea and the Workers Party of South Korea merged, forming the Workers’ Party of Korea at a congress in Pyongyang. Its first party Chairman was Kim Il-sung of the Workers Party of North Korea and the deputy chairman was Alexei Ivanovich Hegay.

The Korean War dominated the first five years of the WPK’s rule. On the brink of military defeat, the WPK leadership had to flee to China by October 1950 as the United Nations forces had occupied most of the DPRK territory. Many military historians believe that, the North Koreans would have been militarily defeated at that point if it had not been for Chinese intervention. However, in November, with the help of the Chinese forces who entered the war and threw the U.N. forces back, North Korean forces retook Pyongyang in December and captured Seoul in January 1951. The U.N. forces took back Seoul in March 1951. Eventually, the front line was stabilized along what became the permanent “Armistice Line” of 1953. Since then, the WPK was able to re-establish its rule in North Korea.

North Korea Founding of Workers’ Party Traditions, Customs and Activities

The North Korean people celebrate the anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) in a celebratory atmosphere with multicolored signs and slogans to show their strong conviction in a powerful socialist country. The celebration was highlighted by military parades and a variety of ceremonies.

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