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Pakistan Remembers Allama Iqbal

Iqbal Day in Pakistan is a public holiday.

Iqbal Day: November 9

Iqbal Day is a public holiday in Pakistan.

Iqbal Day is a holiday that is celebrated in Pakistan as a day to commemorate a scholar who had a great impact on the Islamic culture and education system for the entire country.

History of Iqbal Day in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a holiday called Iqbal Day is celebrated to commemorate Hazrat Allama Dr Sir Muhannad Iqbal, also known as Allama Iqbal for short. Allama Iqbal is an important part of Pakistani history because he had the initial vision to create a separate Pakistan for the Muslim culture. He was known as a poet, thinker, and philosopher, making great intellectual contributions to Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal was born November 9, 1877 and was the eldest of five children. Iqbal’s father, Shaikh Nur Muhammad, was a prosperous tailor who was well known for his devotion to Islam, and the family raised their children with deep religious grounding.

Iqbal was educated initially by tutors in languages and writing, history, poetry and religion. His potential as a poet and writer was recognized by one of his tutors, Sayyid Mir Hassan. Once Iqbal’s talents were recognized, he continued to become a scholar, learning several languages and the skill of writing poetry. He graduated from secondary school in 1892.

Upon graduation, Iqbal entered the Government College in Lahore where he studied philosophy, English literature, and Arabic. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating cum laude. Before graduation, he won a gold medal for topping his examination in philosophy.

After achieving his bachelor’s degree, Iqbal began to study for his master’s degree. It was during this time that Iqbal met and became influenced by Sir Thomas Arnold, a scholar of Islam and modern philosophy at the college. Sir Thomas Arnold exposed Iqbal to Western culture and ideas and taught Iqbal all he knew as a scholar.

Aside from Iqbal’s education, he also opened a law firm and wrote many books and pieces of political and Islamic literature. He wanted Islam’s education system to be strong and plentiful. Iqbal was a scholar who left behind an influence on the Islamic culture and knowledge for all.

Pakistan’s Iqbal Day Traditions, Customs, and Activities

2010 marks the celebration of the 133rd birth anniversary of Iqbal. Various cultural, educational, and literary organizations organize different programs across the country to mark the day and pay homage to the great poet who envisioned the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims. The newspapers typically publish special edition sections to discuss Iqbal’s societal contributions, and radio shows often air special programs to highlight the scholarly roles and service of Allama Iqbal.

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