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Panama Celebrates Flag Day

Flag Day in Panama is a public holiday.

Flag Day Date: November 4

Flag Day in Panama is a public holiday.

Panama’s Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the national flag of Panama on November 4, 1925.

History of Panama’s Flag Day

Panama’s flag was designed by Maria Ossa de Amador who began secretly making it on November 1, 1903. De Amador made three separate flag designs, including one design adapted from a sketch made by Manual Amador Guerrero. The design of the flag reflected the political situation in Panama at the time. Each designed section of the flag had a special meaning. The blue represented the Conservative Party while the red represented the Liberal Party, and the white sections of the flag stood for both purity and peace. The work of designing and making the new flag had to be done in secret so the Columbian army would not find it. After Panama declared independence from Columbia on November 3, 1925, the flag designed by de Amador was officially adopted on November 4, 1925.

Panama’s Flag Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Flag Day is celebrated is Panama each year on November 4. The holiday is observed with parades and celebrations throughout the country.

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