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Republic of Congo Celebrates Youth Day

Youth Day is a public holiday in Republic of Congo.

Republic of Congo’s Youth Day: Feb 8

Youth Day is a public holiday in Republic of Congo.

Republic of Congo, or simply the Congo, celebrates Youth Day every 8th of February each year. The Youth Day is celebrated to recognize the role of the youth in nation building and serves as a reminder for the government in their responsibility to securing the safety of children and in making sure that their rights are not violated.

Republic of Congo’s Youth Day also helps build awareness on the cultural and legal issues surrounding the youth particularly within the region.

History of Republic of Congo’s Youth Day

The never ending strife in all African regions urged the United Nations and other concerned youth organizations and governments across Africa to form Youth’s Day to create a Youth Day for each African country with hopes of sensitizing each government to prioritize the protection of the youth against slavery, discrimination, and violence. The Congo’s Youth day also supports the youth’s continued education and to engage them in decision making in hopes of building a better youth that will lead the future African generation.

The empowerment of the youth within the African continent is a battle cry among concerned youth and youth organizations across Africa. Republic of Congo’s Youth Day is used to reflect on the nation’s progress in providing the youth the necessary aid they need to empower themselves and help them become an active contributor to peace and progress in the country.

Republic of Congo’s Youth Day: Traditions, Customs and Activities

The celebration of Youth Day in Republic of Congo is similar to how other nations celebrate Youth Day. State-sponsored concerts, cultural events, and workshops take place around Republic of Congo’s capital. Small cities and communities around the country with the participation of private and public agencies and youth organizations and individuals conduct concerts, games and other exciting activities in support of the holiday.

Other youth organizations also conducts various social and community services such as cleaning the city streets, conducting education and awareness campaign on certain social and environmental issues affecting the youth and other valuable social voluntary work.

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