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Samoa Celebrates Mothers of Samoa Day

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Samoa’s Mothers of Samoa Day: May 6

Mothers of Samoa Day is a public holiday in Samoa.

The people of Samoa recognize the contributions of mothers in a special day that is celebrated every first Monday of May yearly. The government sees fit that a special day is set aside to honor mothers because they play a major role in the development of Samoan society. As more and more women are becoming educated and career minded, the more that their contributions will continue to grow.

History of Samoa’s Mothers of Samoa Day

The history of mother’s day can be traced back to the ancient Greek tradition of honoring the mother of all gods, Rhea. Early Christian traditions made Mother’s Day as a celebration to commemorate the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948) held a movement to setup a day to commemorate the varied contributions of mothers in society. With the help of influential people and politicians of whom she sought help, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that the second Monday be celebrated as a national holiday that aims to honor mothers. Samoa also adopted the same celebration to honor Samoan mothers.

Samoa’s Mothers of Samoa Day: Traditions, Customs and Activities

Committees and several active women’s organizations throughout the country take part in the celebration and activities which includes cultural activities such as dancing and singing on stage organized by the cooperation between the local government and non-governmental organizations.

Mother’s of Samoa Day has become a family day in Samoa. Children give gift to mothers or post cards during mother’s day while others go out dine or pamper their parents by taking them to the salon or spa house.

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