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Seven Sisters Festival is a chinese lunar calendar event

Seven Sisters Festival is s a Lunar Festival.

Seven Sisters Festival Date: August 23

The Far East celebrates the Seven Sisters Festival.

Seven Sisters festival in the Far East is a festival for unmarried girls who are in search for a partner and young lovers. The festival has its origin in an ancient story of an emperor and his seven daughters.

History of the Seven Sisters Festival

This festival started since 740 BC. The story was of a heavenly emperor called Yuk Wong and his seven daughters. The youngest of his daughters used to weave, and was a loner. The emperor became compassionate towards her and allowed her to get married to a cowherder who used to reside across the Milky Way.

After her marriage, she became careless and started ignoring her duties. This careless nature made the emperor loose his temper. The king gave an order and restricted her to meet her husband on a daily basis. The lonely weaver was allowed to meet her husband only on the seventh day of the seventh moon. The Seven Sisters Festival is celebrated and named after this incident. Young couples who wait for their chance to get married and single girls seeking their life partner celebrate this festival with zeal and enthusiasm. They hope to meet their soul mates by celebrating this festival like the weaver.

Seven Sisters Festival Traditions, Culture and Activities

The tale of the seven sisters did not really encourage or inspire the world but it has become very popular. The main focus on this day is on Lovers Rock, which is in Wan Chai, China. The festival has rituals in which many artworks are exhibited by girls. These artworks include needle thread competition, cooking and other traditional art forms which are crafted by the girls to show off their talents.

Other rituals include burning of toiletries in sets of seven that represent the seven sisters. Young women make offerings to the skies at night and to the two stars representing the cowherder and the maid. Even fruits, bum jogs sticks, incense sticks are offered in open air on the rooftops, backyards and gardens. After the offerings are made, some powder is thrown on the roofs to attract the beauty of the seven sisters.

During ancient times, mothers who were worried for their daughters, paid their daughters expenses for the proper operations of these rituals. In modern times women have become self-reliant and independent so these rituals are not celebrated with such urgency.

Seven Sisters Festival is often looked on as an answer to Valentine’s Day in the West. It has become a romantic festival for young girls (single and seeking mates). The festival in spite of being 1500 years old is a unique blend of western and eastern sides. It is celebrated with fireworks, feasting, lion and dragon dancers, incense, smoke, the opera, mahjong, fortune telling, carnivals, parades, etc. It is one of the major festivals that have lots of colors and noise with many people who join in the celebrations.

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