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Somers Day in Bermuda

Somers Day: July 31

Somers Day is celebrated in Bermuda as a public holiday.

Somers day is celebrated every year in Bermuda on July 28. It is the historical day when Bermuda Island was first discovered by Admiral Sir George Somers in (1609). Later, it became a part of the British territory.

Somers Day History

Sir George Somers was a brave hero of English navy. He was known for his expeditions against their all-time enemy, French navy. He was on a sail from Plymouth, England to James Town, Virginia on the Sea Venture (the flagship of seven big ships). On his way, the ship ran into a strong storm like hurricane and all the ships were separated away. Lost his way on 28th of July 1969, while spying for land, he found the island of Bermuda accidentally. Thus, he discovered the Somers isles known today, and all citizens of Bermuda are proud of him.

Somers day started the period of prosperity for the people. Through the discovery of the island of Bermuda by Sir George Somers, the island got the light of civilization. Today, it has prospered as a valuable vegetable export industry because of its fertile lands and hard working peasants. It is an overseas English territory with self government control. The famous excavation of the Somers day has not only helped the state of Bermuda to prosper but has driven in a new age in the world history. Thus, it was the birth of a new age in the Somers Isles.

Somers Day Traditions and Activities

Somers day is the day of pride for all Bermuda people. They remember and celebrate this day in every way possible. A two day cricket game is played on the Somers Day. Bermuda Heritage Museum has also been built to restore the cultural and political achievements of the Bermudians. To remember the accidental discovery of the island of Bermuda, this day is celebrated as the anniversary of the ship wreck day with long boats arriving at the Gate’s beach. Here a pleasant, adorable evening of music and dance is organised. The moment is recalled again and again as it let the start of a new era for the people of Bermuda. It is now one of the important landmarks in the world maps and an important business and finance market.

The Bermudan island is also known as the Somers isles. As it is an important day in the calendar of Bermuda, the residents of this island rejoice on this day in style and passion. It is also a national holiday. They celebrate it in different ways: Organizing function, parade in Hamilton (capital of Bermuda) and playing interesting games.


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