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Spring Bank Holiday (Whit Weekend)

Spring Bank Holiday in UK is a public holiday.

Spring Bank Holiday Date: May 27

Spring Bank Holiday is celebrated by the United Kingdom.

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend in the United Kingdom on the last Monday in May, nowreplaces what used to be known asWhitsuntide a moveable date depending on what day Easter fell. The name Whitsuntide or Whit Sunday became known as it proved a very popular day for baptism and so associated with white clothing therefore developing from White Sunday.

Spring Bank Holiday History

The religious celebration for the now Spring Bank Holiday was originallyformed from the Pentecost, (Pentekoste) a word originating from the Greeks, meaning the 50th day after Easter, and the 7th Sunday after Easter Sunday. As recorded in the New TestamentWhit Sunday commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the apostles. Although the Spring bank holiday has nowreplaced Whitsuntide weekendand doesn’t fall on the same weekend as theChurch’s dates,some people still refer to this bank holiday as Whit weekend, or Whit Monday.

Spring Bank Holiday is usually the first bank holiday weekend of the yearwith any hope of decent weather. Some old traditions are still celebrated like Whit sun Ale, which includescountry fairs, competitionswhich include cheese rolling, music and sporting events celebratedafter the restoration of Charles 2nd who was born on the Monday of a Whit weekend, and who famously reinstated merry-making after the Civil war.

Spring Bank Holiday Traditions and Activities

The Whit sun Ales are so called after being sponsored by local pubs or breweries and is not the name of a beer, however a fair few would be consumed over this holiday weekend.The Spring bank holiday weekend also sees parades of brass bandsfollowed by the localpeople still doing the traditional Whit walks around their hometowns and villages.

Most people celebrate The Spring Bank Holiday enjoying a day off from work or school and spending time with friends and family outdoors or at the coast. The air is filled with BBQ aroma, and the atmospherebears a hint of summer coming. Local parks are full of children and picnic parties, and the local pubs and eateries usually enjoy a roaring trade over this bank holiday weekend.Some stores are open depending on local custom, and public transport run a holiday service.

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