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UAE HH Sheikh Zayed Accession

HH Sheikh Zayed Accession in United Arab Emirates is a public holiday.

HH Sheikh Zayed Accession Date: August 6

UAE celebrates HH Sheikh Zayed Accession as a public holiday.

Accession day or the day on which H. H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan became the president of United Arab Emirates is celebrated in UAE on August 6 of every year. The accession of Sheikh Zayed to the throne happened in the year 1966. This accession marked the start of a new epoch in the history of United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed was a futurist and farsighted thinker who wanted to unite the country and its people. In more than 3 decades of his rule, he made sure that with every step he is moving an inch closer towards his goal.

UAE HH Sheikh Zayed Accession History

H. H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the brain behind what UAE is today. He implemented many new infrastructure projects, which lead to the development of United Arab Emirates. He took many steps in the direction of uniting his country and as well as maintaining healthy relations with the neighboring countries. He exploited the oil reserves of UAE in well planned and technical ways which lead to prosperity and filling up the treasure of the states. This was the reason why Forbes considered him as one of the wealthiest person in the world.

UAE HH Sheikh Zayed Accession Traditions and Activities

Accession day is celebrated in UAE with great enthusiasm. For almost a week, the whole country is gripped in the festive atmosphere. Many government and non-government organizations prepare for more than a month so that Accession Day celebrations are colorful and flamboyant than ever. Shining and sparkling fireworks lit up the night sky of Abu Dhabi. Many traditional concerts and dances take place, which attracts many tourists to the country. People flock the roads in their traditional attire and cars and other vehicles are decorated with the national flag. The television channels show many documentaries about the Accession Day throughout the day.

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