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Ukraine celebrates Independence Day

Ukraine celebrates Independence Day.

Ukraine Independence Day Date: August 24

Independence Day is celebrated in the Ukraine as a public holiday.

For many years, different countries did not have independence. These countries were governed by some other foreign countries and thus were deprived of all the things that their own country posses. The independent nations can neither take there own decision and nor can they act as per there will. Thus, when a country becomes independent, it regains it lost fundamental rights and freedom. Like other countries, Ukraine regained its freedom from the Soviet Unions on the 24th of august 1991.

History of Ukrainian Independence

Ukraine is a country in the Eastern Europe that is surrounded by Belarus to the north, Black sea to the south, Russia to the east and Poland and Hungary to the west. In the earlier days, most of people in Ukraine were Russians, who formed the Kieven Rus. As the days went, Kiev became one of the important cities and was hence declared as the capital of Ukraine. On 13th century, there was a union formed between Poland and Lithuania named the Union of Krevo. The foreign domination on Ukraine started in the middle of 14th century when Casimir conquered Galicia- Volhyina. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that was formed by Union of Lublin during the fifteenth century made to move a large part of Ukrainian territory to the Polish supervision as it was shifted to Polish Crown.

Most of the upper class people converted themselves to Catholicism because of the cultural pressure of the Polish and thus became identical. Thus, the common people were in terrible trouble. In the middle of seventeenth century, Dnieper Cossacks established a troop named Zaporozhian Host. However, it was found that the group was severely misused as they started dominating the Orthodox churches. As Poland was portioned at the end of eighteenth century, Austria took over the western Ukraine while the rest of Ukraine was under Russian Empire. Though there were many promises about Ukraine’s autonomy the common people of Ukraine and the elite did not receive the autonomy and the freedom that they expected.

Ukraine took part in the First and the Second World War. There was then going a internal war between Ukraine and soviet. In this period, the soviet gave them some unachievable targets else, they will not be able to take any grain. This resulted in a man made famine that killed about six lakh people. This made the common people angry ad the started fighting for their freedom. After lot of hardship by the people from every part of Ukraine it was on 16th July 1990, the new parliament produced the state autonomy of Ukraine. On 24th August 1991, the parliament produced the act of independence and the new President for the country was elected.

Independence Day Traditions, Culture and Activities

Thus like other countries Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day as a national holiday. Grand military parade is organized. In addition, flag hosting ceremony is arranged and a type of social gathering is arranged everywhere. They also pay homage to the freedom fighters who allowed them to regain their autonomy and hence gifted them a peaceful and happy life.

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