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Ukraine Constitution Day

Constitution Day in Ukraine

Ukraine Constitution Day: June 28

Constitution Day is celebrated in the Ukraine.

President Victor Yushchenko took part in a ceremony of presentation of national decorations on the occasion of Constitution Day. “After the things we have done in terms of formation of the constitutional field, we must proceed to next important step. We must have a constitution that would forever guarantee us democracy, freedom, and protect us from the risks of a totalitarian model”, – said Victor Yushchenko speaking at the ceremony.

Constitution Day History

Constitution Day is a holiday to honor the constitution of the Ukraine. Constitution Day celebrates the anniversary of the signing or adoption of the Constitution of the Ukraine in 1996.

The president and the parliament decide on this day to enforce, reinforce, form, accept, and reject constitutional changes, along with a consented plebiscite. The people are given the sole authority to decide on the major amendments that are carried out in the parliament, confirming Ukraine as an ideal democratic nation.

Ukraine is a sovereign, secular nation with a comprehensive democratic system of constitution. The constitution of Ukraine was established on 28th June, 1996. So every year, this day – June 28th is celebrated as the ‘Constitution Day’ in Ukraine, to honor the country’s constitution, on the anniversary of signing and promulgation of the national law system and various significant amendments.

Constitution Day Traditions and Activities

Cities and towns honour Constitution Day on June 28 with performances and special events. The Constitution Day is a national holiday across the country. As it is rather new, there is nothing particular or traditional being carried out in order to celebrate it. The Hymn of Ukraine will be broadcasted on all the radios and TV channels or even sung in public gatherings by the people. Fireworks, various public concerts and musical events by popular Ukrainian artists are held across the country to commemorate this day.

Constitution Day is also known as:

  • Public holiday
  • Republic Day
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