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Uruguay Constitution Day

Constitution Day in Uruguay is a public holiday.

Uruguay Constitution Day Date: July 18

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Uruguay.

A Constitution of a country is a set of regulations for the administration of that country. The functioning of a government in any country is highly dependent on the country’s Constitution as it specifies the powers, functions, responsibilities and duties of the government and also specifies the rights and duties of citizens of the country. The Constitution of a country may be codified (that is, contained in a single document) or uncodified, and it may be written or it may be unwritten. Uruguay has a codified, written Constitution.

Uruguay Constitution Day History

In Uruguay, Constitution Day is celebrated on July 18. Uruguay is not the only country to celebrate a Constitution Day- a specific day to commemorate the signing, promulgation or adoption of the Constitution of a particular country is observed in several countries of the world. The Constitution Day of Uruguay is officially known as Jura de la Constitución de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Constitution Day has been observed in Uruguay since 1830, when Uruguay adopted its first Constitution. Presently, it commemorates the Constitution of 1951, which established a collegiate form of government in the country.

Uruguay Constitution Day Traditions and Activities

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Uruguay. Normally, the country’s President, Vice-President, ministers, legislators and common citizens attend the celebrations. The celebrations are marked by playing of the national anthem and speeches made by political leaders. The media coverage of the Constitution Day in Uruguay is exhaustive.

Apart from the official celebrations, there are social events organised by the citizens to commemorate the day. Races, parades, rallies, marathons and marches are common events. Participation in such activities is not compulsory, but citizens participate willingly since this is a day of great national pride and glory and commemoration of this day by the citizens of Uruguay is natural. Also, this is a wonderful occasion for the citizens of the country to interact with their fellow countrymen.

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