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Vanuatu Independance Day

Independance Day  in Vanautu is a public holiday.

Independance Day: July 30

Vanautu celebrates Independance Day as a public holiday.
Vanuatu is an isle nation present on the Pacific Ocean. The isle celebrates its Independence Day on July 30 every year since 1980 when it gained freedom.

Vanautu Independance Day History

Pedro Fernandez de Quire, a Portuguese traveler, was the first European to set foot on the island in 1605. The island was named as New Hebrides by explorer James Cook. From 1987, the island was being governed by a French-British naval committee. The rising pressure in the 1960s from the locals of the island for complete independence and self governance compelled the two European nations to free the country in 1980. Soon after its independence, Vanuatu became a member of the UN in 1980 and the Non Aligned Movement in 1983.

There are 52 members in the unicameral parliament of Vanuatu who are elected for a period of four years by popular vote. The government is run by the Prime Minister who is the leader of the winning party. The Prime Minister appoints the Council of Ministers who assists him in looking after the nation. The President is the Head of the State chosen for five year tenure. The President is elected by the Parliament and the presidents of the six regional governments and has dignified powers. However he might be removed before the completion of his tenure by the Electoral Commission on account of his misbehavior or ineffectiveness. New Hebrides National Party, later known as Vanuakau Pati was the first administrative party introduced in the early 1970s. It was the hardships of this party that made that Vanuatu independent. The administrative system is set up on the British law. The constitution supports the establishment and customary rights of villagers.

The period 1995-2004 witnessed numerous changes in administration leadership due to tensions among the major parties of the Parliament. In May 2004, the Parliament was dissolved by the president and an exceptional election was held which brought poor results for many major parties. In the latest election of September 2, 2008 a seven party coalition came into power. Edward Natapei was elected as Prime Minister and Ham Lini, the former Prime Minister was elected as the Deputy Prime Minister.

Vanautu Independance Day Traditions and Activities

The national holiday celebration continues for a week from July 30. The hustle gains momentum from afternoon and continue till late night. The day is honored and merrily celebrated with wine, dance and music by the citizens. The carnival is celebrated differently in each region. The locals make merry with a great gusto and parade throughout the island.

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