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Yemen celebrates Revolution Day

Revolution Day is a National Holiday in Yemen.

Yemen Revolution Day: September 10

Revolution Day is a public holiday in Yemen.

Yemen’s September 26, 1962, revolution is a national holiday. The revolution led to the overthrow of the xenophobic and oppressive Imamate that ruled North Yemen for much of the 20th century, ultimately setting the stage for the creation of the modern Republic of Yemen.This day is also known as September Revolution Day.

Yemen Revolution Day History

During the rule of Imam Yahia on the northern part of Yemen, many attempts to end the rule of Al-Hamiduddine family were staged but they failed until the revolution of 26 September 1962. The revolution aimed at ending backwardness and isolation, in addition to its six objectives characterized by clear perspective and deep awareness, and determining with precision and objectivity the features of the radical changes in Yemen’s reality in all aspects of life, socially, economically, developmentally, militarily and politically.

The northern part of Yemen became known as “The Arab Republic of Yemen”. The 26th of September Revolution also aimed at mustering up the national forces to free the southern part of Yemen from British occupation. Through purposeful struggle and great sacrifices, the independence of the southern part was achieved on 30 November 1967 and the government of what is called “the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen” was then established there.

As the Yemen people was one and the same in terms of territory, faith and people, national forces worked to attain the goals of the 26th of September Revolution. Dialogue started on Yemen unity as the inevitable fate of Yemenis. Dialogue continued between the leaders of the two parts of Yemen for more than two decades until the will of the people won and unity of land and man was achieved for the Yemeni people. The unified State was called “The Republic of Yemen”. This historic event was celebrated on 22 May 1990 by the Arab and Islamic worlds. Yemen thus became one, as in the past, and the time of partition was over. With this great achievement and momentous event, Yemen became a democratic State with a new Constitution which guarantees liberties, equality before the law and formation of parties. A new experience started in Yemen, based on multi-party system and free economy.

Yemen Revolution Day Customs and Activities

Celebrations of the Yemeni 26 September Revolution start with litting of a torch at Al-Tahrir Square in downtown of the capital Sana’a. Lighting the torch represents the beginning of the next year of the Yemeni Revolution. The ministers of defense and youth lit the torch in the middle of Al-Tahrir Square at the same spot where the first signal of the revolution of 26 September was launched in September 1962. The torch-lighting festival is attended by Yemeni youth who pour into the capital from various parts of Yemen.

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